Vacation House Watch Program

Going on a well-deserved vacation, planning to be out of town, or away from home?

If so, The Jersey Village Police are pleased to offer you the Vacation House Watch service while you are out of town.  This is designed to provide peace of mind to our residents while they are away from home for extended periods of time.

This process allows The Jersey Village Police Department to periodically:

  • Drive by your residence while it is vacant
  • Look for signs of unlawful entry, foul play, or anything else that maybe wrong and to be able to contact you in case of an emergency. 
  • We will not do Vacation House Watches checks on homes that have house sitters. In such cases, you may request an Extra Patrol.
  • Please limit House Watches to 90 days.

DISCLAIMER: Requesting a vacation house check does not guarantee that a burglary or other crime will not occur at your residence. This program is only intended to be a request for the Jersey Village Police Department to check your home periodically. Our Department will strive to check your home each day, but our ability to provide this service is dependent upon our call for service load, and the availability of an officer. There are no guarantees that your home will be checked while you are away. No additional police response or protection is being guaranteed by requesting a vacation check, other than normal police services and protection which is provided to the general public. 

Consequently, it is recommended that you make every effort to safeguard against losses including securing of high value property, using proper locking devices, alarm systems, etc. Click here for more information on Vacation Safety Tips

Jersey Village Resident Service

Submit a Vacation House Watch Request 
Going on vacation? Complete our Vacation House Watch request form.

Cancel or Change an Existing Request 
Change in plans? Use this form to submit change requests.

Call JVPD at (713) 466-2118 if you have any questions or concerns.