Dr. Averri T. LeMalle

ChaplinAlemalle-1.jpgDr. Averri T. LeMalle is a multi-talented individual who currently holds the position of Campus Pastor at Champion Forest in Jersey Village. However, his roles extend far beyond his professional titles, as he is also a devoted husband, a loving father, a caring brother, and a cherished friend to many. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the ministry, he brings comfort, purpose, and unwavering faith to the community he serves.

Before embarking on his ministry journey, Dr. LeMalle had a noteworthy stint in law enforcement, which adds a unique dimension to his ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. His credentials include Crisis Response and Trauma Care certification, with a specialization in Suicide Prevention, which underscores his deep commitment to offering support to those in their times of greatest need.

Dr. LeMalle's diverse roles and experiences are a testament to his unyielding dedication to making a positive impact to the community and officers as a Chaplain for the Jersey Village Police Department. 

Chaplain Vera Adams

ChaplinVera.jpgUpon her retirement, Chaplain Vera Adams seized the opportunity to transition into a different but equally meaningful role. She felt a strong calling to make a difference in people's lives through compassion and heartfelt support. This led her to enroll in a chaplain training program.

Following her initial training, Vera joined the Harris County Sheriff Department as a Volunteer Patrol Chaplain. In this capacity, she provided crucial support through activities such as ride a longs, hospital visits, and assisting with difficult death notifications. Her dedication and contributions eventually led her to become the Lead Volunteer Patrol Chaplain.

In addition to her work with the Harris County Sheriff Department, Vera established a valuable connection with the Houston Police Department's Peer Support Program. This connection opened up another avenue for her to serve as a PACA (Police and Clergy Alliance) Chaplain while continuing her service to the county.

Today, Vera's commitment to chaplaincy extends to the Jersey Village Police Department, where she is one of three chaplains supporting the growing Chaplain program. Her involvement with three different agencies demands a significant amount of her time, but Vera recognizes the importance of maintaining balance in her life. Self-care is a vital aspect of her chaplaincy journey.

Outside of her chaplaincy roles, Vera is an active member of the Red Hat Society and TheMet Church. She also cherishes her roles as a mother, grandmother, and a friend to many. Vera's diverse interests and commitments reflect her multifaceted and compassionate approach to life and service.