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Welcome to the Jersey Village Police Department website. The City of Jersey Village with its strong economy base of area service businesses and superb quality of life ranks among the best that America has to offer. To this end, the Police Department believes one of its highest priorities is to do everything possible to maintain that quality of life while serving our customers in the most cost efficient manner. We, at the JVPD, recognize that in order to be successful we must engage the community in our efforts. We actively form partnerships with everyone who has an interest in making Jersey Village a great place to live and raise a family.  We believe that working with all community stakeholders provides the formula for the success.

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"Parking Permit Information"
By Eric Foerster - posted at 10/5/2018 3:40:34 PM
PARKING PERMIT REQUIRED TO PARK ON CERTAIN CITY STREETS DURING CERTAIN HOURS Residents living in the school zone on Equador, Singapore, Hamilton, Jersey, Shanghai, Congo, Australia, Seattle, and Lakeview are required to display a parking permit should they desire to park on the street in front of their home during certain hours while school is in session. The permit allows parking a motor vehicle on the street in front of the address on the permit. The parking permit is issued annually upon application at no charge; however, replacement permits are $25.00 each. If you are interested in applying for a parking permit, please complete the Application for Parking Permit found on our website at and submit it to the City of Jersey Village, Attn: Parking Permits, by mail or in person at 16327 Lakeview Drive, Jersey Village, Texas 77040.

"Warrant Amnesty Period"
By Eric Foerster - posted at 9/17/2018 7:17:46 PM
The City of Jersey Village Municipal Courts Department and Jersey Village Police Department announce their participation in the 2018 Warrant Round-Up. The campaign will begin Monday, September 24, 2018. In preparation of the Warrant Round-Up period, The Jersey Village Municipal Court will be offering and amnesty period that beings September 17th and ends September 21, 2018. Anyone wishing to resolve their court matters during the amnesty period will need to contact the Jersey Village Municipal Court. Why are you doing this? To close cases for which all other means of resolution have been unsuccessful. What are my options if I find out I do have warrants? You may pay the fine and court costs, or post a bond and have your case(s) reset for a new court date. You may also seek legal advice from an attorney. You may come in and speak with court staff about a payment plan application. ... [Read More]

Help Identify/ Locate

"Help identify this person"
By Eric Foerster - posted at 3/5/2018 12:10:05 PM

We are seeking the identity of the person pictured. This person was involved in a theft and we would like to speak with them. Please let Lt. Ron Dooley know if you recognize who this person might be. Lt. Dooley:713-466-2115

"Help Identify a Vehicle Burglar Suspect!"
By Ron Dooley - posted at 1/30/2018 1:05:03 PM

Please help the JVPD identify the suspects in the attached photograph, observed in the area of a vehicle burglary near Wyndham Village. Please contact Lt. R. Dooley if you can identify these suspects.

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