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Posted May 31 2019 12:34PM

We have now seen several traffic stops because of FLOCK alerts being generated from personal hotlist listings. Please do not do this unless the reason is checked through TLETS first.

FLOCK alone should not be used as your sole probable cause for a stop. Please be sure that you run the plate through dispatch prior to initiating a traffic stop, or find another reason to stop the vehicle such as equipment violations or moving violations.

Develop your own verified probable cause prior to any traffic stop. This will alleviate any weak link caused by database errors, entry errors, or failure to remove a vehicle from the system after case closure.

The same thing is to be followed when a person is listed as a “suspect” in FLOCK. Unless there is a warrant issued, this alone is not a reason for a traffic stop. You must have probable cause.

FLOCK is a tool, it is not TLETS and it does not count as probable cause.