Crime Victim Rights & Resources

Crime Victims in Texas Have a Right to:

  • Be protected from further harm or threats for cooperating with prosecution efforts

  • Have the victim's safety considered in the setting of bail

  • Information about relevant court proceedings

  • Information about a defendant's right to bail and the procedures in a criminal investigation and in the criminal justice system

  • Provide pertinent information on the impact of the offense to be considered at the time of sentencing and parole

  • Information about the Crime Victims' Compensation Program

  • Information about parole procedures and to be notified upon the release of the defendant

  • Be provided with a separate and secure waiting area for witnesses at a trial

  • Prompt return of property held as evidence when it is no longer required

  • Have employer notified if testimony requires absence from work

  • Have counseling regarding acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS/HIV) if the offense creates the need

  • Be present at all court proceedings related to the offense, subject to judge's approval

  • Information and an explanation of these rights


Failure to provide these rights does not create a liability on the part of those responsible for them.

For complete text of Texas victim rights laws, go to:


How Can I Get a Protective Order?

Call Crime Victim’s Compensation at 800-983-933


Who May File for a Protective Order?

(1) An adult member of the family or household; or

(2) Any adult for the protection of a child; or

(3) A prosecuting attorney; or

(4) The Department of Human and Regulatory Services.

The person who is the alleged victim of family violence is considered to be the “applicant.”


What Information Do I Need to Provide?

When you apply for a protective order, you must supply the following information:

(1) The name of each applicant (victim) and the county where each applicant (victim) resides;

(2) The name, address, and county of residence of each individual who has committed family violence;

(3) The relationship between the victim(s) and the offender;

(4) A request for one or more protective orders.

The victim should file for the order as soon after the incident has occurred as possible. Additionally, if other incidents of family violence have occurred, the victim needs to provide this information to the attorney who files the protective order application.


What Does it Cost?

The applicant (victim) or an attorney representing the applicant may not be assessed a fee, cost, charge, or expense by a district or county clerk or by a sheriff, constable or other public official or employee in connection with the filing, serving, entering or for any other service including any fees for dismissing, modifying, or withdrawing a protective order, certifying copies, comparing copies to originals, court reporter fees, judicial fund fees, transferring a protective order or for any other service related to a protective order.  The court shall require the offender to pay the fees incurred in connection with the protective order unless the offender shows good cause or is indigent.


How Long Does it Take to Receive and How Long Does it remain in effect?

Unless a later date is requested by the applicant, the court shall set a hearing date no later than 14 days after the application is filed. If, however, the court finds from the information contained in the application that there is a clear and present danger of family violence, the court may immediately issue a temporary ex parte order. The temporary order is valid for up to 20 days. Final protective orders are effective for up to one year.


EMERGENCY (24 hrs)                   911


Jersey Village Police Department (Non-Emergency)


Adult Protective Services                                800-252-5400

Crisis Hotline                                                   713-228-1505

Crisis Hotline (Spanish)                                   713-526-8088

Children’s Protective Services                         800-252-5400

H.W.A.C. Rape Crisis Hotline                         713-528-7273

National Domestic Violence Hotline               800-799-7233



HPD Crime Victim Liaison                             713-308-0080

HPD Family Violence Unit:                                                   

Central Unit                                                      713-308-1100

North Unit                                                        281-405-6460

South Unit                                                        713-731-5960

Westside Unit                                                   281-584-4900

HPD Homicide                                                 713-308-3600

HPD Sex Crimes (Adult)                                 713-308-1180

HPD Robbery Division                                    713-308-0700

HPD Hit & Run                                                713-247-4065

HPD Gang Task Force                                     713-247-1579

HPD Juvenile Division                                    713-731-5353

HPD Traffic & Accident                                  713-247-4072



Dispatch                                                           713-221-6000

Family Violence Unit                                      713-274-9369

Harris County Juvenile                                    713-512-4100



Bay Area Turning Point                                   281-286-2525

Baytown area Women’s Center                        281-422-2292

Brazoria County Women’s Center                   800-243-5788

Bridge Over Troubled Water                            713-473-2801

Casa Juan Diego                                                713-869-7376

Covenant House (youth under 21)                    713-523-2231

FamilyTime Foundation                                   281-446-2615

Ft Bend County Women’s Center                     281-342-4357

Galveston Women’s Resources & Crisis          409-765-7233

Houston Area Women’s Center                        713-582-2121

JASA House                                                      713-795-0505

Montgomery County Women's Center             281-577-8967

Northwest Assistance Ministries                      281-885-4673

Salvation Army                                                 713-650-6530

Star of Hope                                                      713-222-2220

Women's Center of Brazoria County                800-243-5788



Aid To Victims Of Domestic Abuse                 713-224-9911

Attorney General Child Support                        800-252-8014

Attorney General Crime Victim Comp.             800-983-9933

DA’s Family Criminal Law                               713-755-5888

DA’s Domestic Relations Office                       713-755-6757

DA’s Victim Witness Division                          713-755-6655

Gulf Coast Legal Foundation                             713-652-0077

Houston Volunteer Lawyers                              713-228-0732

Mayor’s Office-Crime Victim Liaison              713-308-9063



AIDS Foundation                                              713-524-2437

Alcoholics Anonymous                                     713-686-6300

Bering Support Network (LGBT Counseling)  713-526-1017

Civitas (Counseling for Children)                     713-852-1300

Family Service Center                                       713-861-4849

Gatekeeper Program (Elderly)                           713-685-2832

Houston Area Women’s Center                         713-582-2121

Justice For All                                                    713-935-9300

La Rosa                                                              713-699-3974

Mental Health Association                                713-522-5161

Montrose Counseling Center                             713-529-0037

Mothers Against Drunk Driving                        281-590-2222

National Domestic Violence Hotline               800-799-SAFE

Parents of Murdered Children                            888-818-7662

TDCJ Parole                                                       713-685-7100

Texas Youth Hotline                                          800-210-2278

Victim Resource Institute                                   713-743-8614

Victim Assistance Center                                   713-755-5625

United Way                                                        713-957-4357