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Warrant Amnesty Period
Posted Sep 17 2018 7:17PM
The City of Jersey Village Municipal Courts Department and Jersey Village Police Department announce their participation in the 2018 Warrant Round-Up. The campaign will begin Monday, September 24, 2018. In preparation of the Warrant Round-Up period, The Jersey Village Municipal Court will be offering and amnesty period that beings September 17th and ends September 21, 2018. Anyone wishing to resolve their court matters during the amnesty period will need to contact the Jersey Village Municipal Court. Why are you doing this? To close cases for which all other means of resolution have been unsuccessful. What are my options if I find out I do have warrants? You may pay the fine and court costs, or post a bond and have your case(s) reset for a new court date. You may also seek legal advice from an attorney. You may come in and speak with court staff about a payment plan application. ... [Read More]
National Night Out 2018
Posted Sep 05 2018 12:15PM
We are excited because National Night Out is approaching quickly. Mark your calendars for October the 2nd (Tuesday) from 6:30-9:00pm. This is a great time to mingle with your neighbors and first responders from the Jersey Village Police and Fire Departments. Please call Deb or Sonya if you are interested in hosting a NNO party on your street. They can let you know if there is a party being hosted in your area.
Back to School Safety Reminder
Posted Aug 22 2018 10:45AM
School is going to be back in session beginning Monday the 27th. This means that our area will see increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Please allow yourself a few extra minutes as you head out for work on school days. Be extra cautious as we navigate around the city for all of our young people who are focused on getting to class. They may be on foot, on bikes, or passengers in cars and buses; it’s our duty to be aware and keep them safe. Be prepared to stop quickly for cars and buses loading/unloading. Never pass vehicles that are stopped to load and unload because small children may pass in front of the stopped vehicle. Remember, if a school bus has the warning lights flashing (Stop arm-extended), you must stop behind the bus and you can’t pass the bus. This is for the safety of the children on the bus. Having a... [Read More]
Heat Advisory for today
Posted Jul 23 2018 10:07AM
Please be aware of the heat advisory for today. It's a good time to make sure that the pets are taken care of and we all staying hydrated.
Fireworks Notice
Posted Jun 29 2018 10:52AM
Please remember that fireworks are prohibited in Jersey Village. We ask that you report any fireworks to the Police Department Non-Emergency number: 713-466-5824 and an officer will respond to check the area.
Citizens Police Academy 2018
Posted Jun 28 2018 2:18PM
We are taking applications for Citizens Police Academy. Please see the flyer for more information.
Coffee with a Cop
Posted Jun 12 2018 4:18PM
Coffee with a Cop 6/20/18 from 6-7pm. Please come by and say hello!
Burglary of Motor Vehicles Alert
Posted May 09 2018 10:15AM
We have had several burglaries of motor vehicles in the past few days. To better defend against these types of thefts, it helps to understand that these are usually crimes that can be prevented. It only takes seconds to open an unlocked car door and remove anything of value. This means you shouldn’t leave valuables inside your vehicle where they are seen. GPS units, computers, purses, backpacks and anything else of value can easily be seen from outside the vehicle. This provides a strong temptation to those seeking to make easy money. All of these items are easily converted for quick cash. Locking your vehicle is simply the best way to prevent theft. Removing your valuables leaves nothing to chance. Take-Lock-Hide= is a successful formula for combatting theft. Please remember that YOU are our most important partner in the fight against crime.
"Safety is the Name of Game"- JV Women's Group Class 05/08/18-7:00pm
Posted Apr 03 2018 6:01PM
Jersey Village Women’s Group will be hosting a class, “Safety is the Name of the Game”, on Tuesday, May 8th at 7:00 pm in the JV Civic Center. ALL ladies of Jersey Village are invited to attend this fun and factual evening with guest speakers from local police and self-defense professionals.
Lane Closures this weekend-290 related
Posted Mar 21 2018 10:43AM
This will impact traffic in and around Jersey Village this weekend. Please make note of the detours.
Coffee with a Cop
Posted Mar 09 2018 7:23PM
Please come and join us for Coffee with a Cop. 6:30-7:30am on March 29th at the Police Department. The coffee and conversation is free! This a great opportunity to meet some of the Officers that serve your City.
Traffic Alert-Saturday, March 3rd-Fun Run
Posted Feb 27 2018 11:32AM
There will be a Fun Run held in the area of Clark Henry Park this weekend. On Saturday, March 3rd, from 7:30am through Noon there will be runners and walkers in the area of Clark Henry Park and the High School. Expect traffic delays in the area as officers work to keep the runners and walkers safe.
National Night Out 2017!
Posted Sep 26 2017 3:18PM
Please take a moment to review the attached National Night Out schedule. We would love to see you!
Preventing Fraud-Post Disaster Information
Posted Sep 19 2017 11:58AM
Here is how to protect yourself, or someone you care about, from disaster fraud: •Federal and state workers do not ask for, or accept, money. FEMA staff will never charge applicants for disaster assistance, home inspections, or help filling out applications. Stay alert for false promises to speed up the insurance, disaster assistance, or building permit process. •In person, always ask to see any FEMA employee ID badges. FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance teams may be in impacted communities providing information and assisting survivors with the registration process or their applicant files. If there is any doubt, please call the Police Department Dispatch at 713-466-5824 and ask for an officer to come to your location. •A FEMA shirt or jacket is not proof of identity. All FEMA representatives, including our contracted inspectors, will have a laminated photo ID. All National Flood Insurance Program adjusters will have a NFIP Authorized Adjuster Card with their... [Read More]
July 4th Celebration Tips
Posted Jun 28 2017 3:32PM
We hope you have a wonderful Independence Day on Tuesday! In order to keep you, your family, pets, and neighbors safe, please consider the following tips as you put the finishing touches on your celebration: Fireworks Safety: The city of Jersey Village prohibits the possession or use of fireworks within the city limits. Pet Safety: More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. Exercise your furry friends before the festivities and keep them inside as much as possible. If you need to take them out, ensure they have a tag with your contact information. Lastly, common Fourth of July items such as alcoholic beverages, citronella candles, and glow sticks can be toxic to pets and should be stowed out of their reach. Grilling Safety: Keep the grill out in the open and far away from anything that could catch fire: the house, deck, tree branches. Be... [Read More]
Citizens Police Academy #14 (Taking applications now)
Posted May 17 2017 3:07PM
We are taking applications for our CPA Class #14. Please view the information sheet for information on this excellent opportunity to spend some time learning about your police department.
Burglary Alert:
Posted May 14 2017 9:40PM
We had two burglaries in the Village that were reported today. One was in the 16400 Block of Wall Street and one was in the 15300 block of Mauna Loa. As warm weather rapidly sets in, more and more people are out and about. This increase in foot traffic in the neighborhood makes increasing hard to discern good people from those with nefarious intent. It is very important that we keep an eye out in our neighborhoods and report suspicious activities and behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. These activities should be reported to the police department immediately by using the non-emergency number 713-466-5824 or the emergency 911 number. There is also no way to stress the importance of an alarm system. Even a basic system can increase a home’s security immensely. These systems are available at a minimal cost, often for the cost of a nice meal out.... [Read More]
Traffic Advisory
Posted Mar 21 2017 11:10AM
There is a 5K Fun Run this Saturday from 8-11am. This event will be held near the High School and Clark Henry Park. There will be some impact to vehicle travel in the area during the run. Officers will be posted in the area to assist in moving vehicles and directing traffic. The major impact will be on Equador, Congo, Solomon and W. Gulf Bank Drive. Please use caution as runners and walkers will be in the area.
Bicycle Safety
Posted Feb 03 2017 11:38AM
The Jersey Village Police Department would like to remind all bicyclists to obey all traffic laws and use a headlamp and appropriate reflectors while riding at night. Please see the attached flyer. Thank you! JVPD
Posted Dec 30 2016 11:31AM
This is just a reminder that fireworks are PROHIBITED within the city limits of Jersey Village. Please report fireworks to the police department.
Holiday Crime Prevention Tips
Posted Dec 07 2016 11:01AM

Holiday Season Crime Prevention Tips from the Jersey Village Police Department
During the holiday season, crime rates tend to have a slight up-swing. This is due, in part, to shoppers carrying more cash and credit cards with them while shopping - shopping later than usual and the relaxed, and an easy-going attitude that comes with this time of year. We call it good cheer. Criminals call it complacency. By remaining aware of holiday season risks you can better protect yourself. The Jersey Village Police Department is providing these tips to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable holiday season.Out and About

Shop during daylight hours when possible & shop with a friend – safety in numbers!

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to who is around you, what they are; doing and what activities are going on. Be aware of someone watching you, or following you – you should notice who is... [Read More]
CAUTION-Safety Alert US 290
Posted Dec 05 2016 9:49AM
We have worked 8 accident within a 48 hour period on US290. These accidents have been reported in between the 16500 and 15500 block in the east and west bound sides. The drivers all have reported a slick roadway or something on the surface. TXDOT has been notified and warning signs are out. Please use caution when traveling through these areas and drive slowly. TXDOT is looking for a solution to the problem.
Public Notice- Burglary
Posted Oct 27 2016 5:52PM
This afternoon (10/27/16) at approximately 2:15 pm, The Jersey Village Police Department responded to a possible burglary in progress in the 15000 block of Congo. Upon arrival the victim stated they told the police they observed a young male standing in their kitchen. It is thought that the young male suspect entered the home through an open door. Once noticed the young male subject ran from the house. A suspect has been identified and the investigation is on-going at this time. No items were taken from the home. This serves as a great opportunity to remind everyone to keep their doors locked even if you are at home.
Beware of Phone Scams!
Posted Aug 26 2016 11:06AM
We have had a few calls recently, of someone calling residents and posing as an IRS agent, and saying that they have a warrant for their arrest. The scammer then requests that you travel to a nearby store and make payment to him using gift cards or "ITunes" pre-paid cards. This is a scam and you should hang up on this type of calls.
Citizen Police Academy!
Posted Jul 29 2016 5:13PM
Our annual Citizen's Police Academy begins August 11th at 6:30 p.m. The Academy meets each Thursday evening through October 20th, and is very fun and informative. Please contact Maria Turnbull at 713-466-2119 to register!
New Website!
Posted Jul 21 2016 2:34PM
The Jersey Village Police Department announces our new and improved website!

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