Police Department - Divisions

The Jersey Village Police Department consists of 27 peace officers and two civilian employees.  At the head of the department is the Chief of Police who is supported by one Executive Secretary. Below is a little information on the different divisions within the department and the duties of each division.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division consists of 22 certified peace officers and is under the command of the Patrol Lieutenant.  Sergeants are assigned to supervise each of the Patrol Shifts.  Officers in the Patrol Division respond to all calls for service in the city limits and are responsible for the initial offense report and field investigation. 

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) consists of two sergeants and a CID Lieutenant. This division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of offenses reported to the Jersey Village Police Department. This division also oversees training for the department; recruiting new officers; and conducting internal affairs investigations.

Records Division

The Records Division is responsible for data input, Uniform Crime Reporting, Crime Statistics, Records Retention, Public Information Requests, local background checks and Crash Reports.